Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Today has been a lovely sunny day. I actually managed to wash Bertie and get some washing out on the line.

I’ve been a bit accident prone over the last couple of days. Today when I was bringing the washing back in a peg ‘exploded’ and just missed my eye! It did hit me on the head though and blooming hurt.

Yesterday I was busy moving things around because Lucy has changed bedrooms. There was a tumble drier which needed moving and I didn’t want Andy to hurt his back again so I moved it….and ended up with it landing on my foot, ouch.

Today I took Andy to the warfarin clinic in the hospital, luckily there weren’t many people there (and no old ladies smelling of wee). It was icy this morning and we were going to go in Andys car (Christine). She’s called Christine for a good reason. Do you remember the Stephen King film about the possessed car? Well that’s Christine. So true to form she wouldn’t start this morning.
So we ended up going in Bertie. Andy doesn’t like Bertie because he bangs!

The healthy eating is going well. I’ve lost 5.6kg in 24 days. I’ve no idea what that is in ‘old money’ I must look it up. The only downside is that my mother tells me that I look ‘haggered’, it’s so nice to be given encouragement 😦

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  1. Well done on losing the weight !! I look haggard if I lose weight too – but that hasn’t happened for a long time, middle age spread is here to stay !!!

  2. Wow – so much to take in – great to see the sunshine again isn’t it – its bloomin’ cold here but the sun is lovely once out of the wind.

    Well done on the diet – great news – but even now, having lost some weight myself over the last year, people still cautiously ask me if it’s through illness because I have lost weight round the old face. My mother has b0ll0cked me for loosing too much and looking ‘drawn’ – thanks for the encouragement – mother’s know how to make you feel soooooo good!!!

    Beware of the pegs – they are fighting back!

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