Tough to think of what C to go with today. I was at art class this morning so class was almost the C but there wasn't a photo to go with it. I also found out I won a competition for flights from Ireland West Trad and although there was a photo I won with... Continue Reading →

Sunny Saturday

Today was a lovely sunny day but it was very icy when I walked Rocket-dog at 8am. It does make for lovely photos though. These are all taken with my iPhone 4s, I'm so impressed with the camera on this phone. Hopefully tomorrow will be another lovely day for the parades.  

Summer in Sligo (at last)

3, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. We've had a couple of really beautiful days. It's sods law, the kids go back to school and the sun comes out. We attempted the car boot sale again yesterday. It was a waste of time. Hardly anyone turns up to look. Some of those that do just look in... Continue Reading →

Sunny Sligo

Sunny Sligo, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well it's been a really lovely couple of days. I actually managed to get the grass cut today and caught up on all the washing. In the middle of it all we heard the 'Mr. Whippy' van so the kids and I piled into the car and whizzed of... Continue Reading →

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Today has been a lovely sunny day. I actually managed to wash Bertie and get some washing out on the line. I've been a bit accident prone over the last couple of days. Today when I was bringing the washing back in a peg 'exploded' and just... Continue Reading →

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