It’s not just the leaves falling!

I love this time of year. October in Sligo is usually a magical month, with the misty mornings, sunny days and falling leaves there’s nothing quite like it. Unfortunately it’s not just the leaves falling!

Here comes the sun

Here comes the sun, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Today has been a lovely sunny day. I actually managed to wash Bertie and get some washing out on the line. I’ve been a bit accident prone over the last couple of days. Today when I was bringing the washing back in a peg ‘exploded’ and just […]

Sunday, Sunday

Well the day started off fairly badly. I burnt the toast and ended up chucking Ariel liquid all over myself and the floor….it was just lucky the cats weren’t around. I was tempted to crawl back into bed and stay there but I didn’t. I went on Facebook instead! I’m still quite hooked on Farmtown […]