Down Stream

Down Stream, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Today started off very icy again and stayed cold for most of the day.

I met a friend in Ballymote for a cuppa. I went down to the park first and took some photos. This is one of them.

Anyway we had a good old chat. I haven’t seen her for ages due to my patients. The only thing is that I’ve realised how big scones are…..and turned into one of those people who pull their food apart before eating it. Oh well I suppose it makes a change to stuffing it all down in one go!

I’ve got over a weeks break from school runs, so I’m delighted about that. It’s parent teacher day tomorrow though. I go into my ‘we’re not worthy’ mode and a cross between Kevin and Perry…..oh dear.

The good news though it that I was looking for something to wear and I managed to fit into my old size 12 suit, I also found my waist!! I’m not going to wear the suit though I look like an undertaker.

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  1. Gorgeous photo :-). Yesterday I meandered round the village pond/lake (not sure on the legal definitions – the woman who went round a pond and came back round a lake, LOL!) with a friend on the way back from the school run. The trail through the trees looked lovely with a light covering of snow – enough to highlight the features rather than hide them.
    I planned to take some photos on the way to work – but, like today, the snow just melted away in a couple of hours. Boo hiss.

    Should you ever need a reassuring reminder that teachers are only human, remind me to dig you out one of my many photos of teacher friends with hangovers 😉

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