The first day of Spring…..

The first day of Spring….., originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

As I was driving Lucy to school this morning I heard the radio say it’s the first day of Spring….shame no one thought to tell the weather!

It took twenty minutes to warm Bertie up this morning and the roads were very icy. I hope it starts to warm up soon.

When I came home I took Andy for his blood test at the GP’s. He has to go to the hospital from now on for his INR check, it makes no difference really as I had to take the blood into the hospital anyway.

The car parking at Sligo general is really bad. So difficult to get a space so I parked in town and walked up. All part of my trying to get fit campaign. I’m still doing the wii fit every day as well. I’ve only lost 2kg in two weeks though which isn’t much and I’ve been eating really healthily too 😦 Oh well I’ll keep trying.

I took mum into town as well. It was great to actually do a proper shop, it’s lovely to be getting back to normal. The kids are delighted because I went into Foleys (which is an off licence and sweet shop). They sell all these traditional sweets out of jars. I got spogs, pear drops and aniseed balls…..and I’m not eating any of them 🙂

I phoned Crumlin again today and was told to phone Tallaght because Jono had his surgery there. So I phoned them and got an appointment for the 19th.

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