Peanut Butter Fudge

A year ago...yes I'm not the quickest in the world, I saw a blog post by the Burlesque Chef for Peanut Butter Fudge. So I had a go at making it and I was a bit worried as I've never made fudge before and thought I might weld the spoon to the saucepan. I didn't... Continue Reading →

Recession Roses?

I won a tin of Cadbury Roses today....yay!!! But they've changed the!!! We always used to fight over who got the chocolate our disappointment they've replaced them with a 'coffee escape'. I wish the bloody coffee would escape because it shouldn't be in a tin of Roses. Little was I to know that... Continue Reading →


The last couple of days have been all about cakes 🙂 Lucy made the one above for her friend's birthday. It's a really clever idea for a cake....I hope she makes me one when it's my birthday! Today was a really awful day and as Lucy has taken her cake to her friends I decided... Continue Reading →

A sweet competition!

I have a competition for my lovely readers to celebrate the blog having over 100,000 page views and to say a huge thank you to you all for visiting. It's also to celebrate the blog getting into the final of the best personal blog in the Blog Awards Ireland even though it didn't win. I... Continue Reading →

Thank Donkey it’s Friday

It's been a bit of a mad week with a lot of toing and froing so I'm delighted it's the weekend 🙂 Lucy was still doing part-time on her course until the end of this week when she got a place in the hairdressing class. So she will be full-time from now on....and I might... Continue Reading →


Sweeties, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. This photo got chosen as pic of the day on so I'm delighted about that. Not bad for a bag of sweets that cost 49 cent. Jono had his appointment with the physiotherapist today. It was at Nazareth House which is a lovely old building and has connections with... Continue Reading →

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