Another day

Another day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

So we were up early today. Andy had to go back to the hospital again for physiotherapy.

Then on to see the consultant and then back to the physiotherapist for traction.

It’s always a nightmare trying to park at Sligo General. I dropped Andy at the hospital and drove around looking for a space. I found one in the end.

After all the appointments it was lunch time. So we went to the hospital canteen. I had a nice healthy salad, well it would have been nice if an old fella in there was spewing up meat chunks….yuck.

I got a short go on the wii fit this evening. It said I have lost 1.2kg since yesterday, that can’t be right surely? My stomach is killing me from all the hula hooping though….and I’m rubbish at it!

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  1. That is great on the Wii fit! I love mine.
    I do the stepping. After you use it for awhile
    it unlocks a new stepper that you can do while
    you watch tv. Have you tried this one yet?


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