An apple a day

An apple a day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I’m so pleased it’s half way through the week, I’m shattered.

I hope I don’t have another strange dream tonight. Last night I dreamt I was watching Star Wars the musical (!) and this Darth Vader type guy was behind me breathing on my neck (but I thought it was Lucy). Then I went home but couldn’t get into the house because there was a massive bouncy castle blocking the way……I think I need help lol.

So today, started off OK. I took Lucy to school, came home sorted out the patients and then went off to see if I could sort out mums car.

A friend of ours came with me, so he could help me push the car and we tried jump starting it with mine… worked but then it cut out again.

So as mum has fully comprehensive insurance that includes breakdown cover, we phoned the company and they sent someone out….and guess what….the bloody car started! Anyway as it’s playing up she’s going to get it taken to the garage to see what’s wrong with it.

I’m still at the healthy eating lark. I didn’t eat the apple above though 😉 My wii fit age is 32 today, bloody hell that’s good….mind you it was 46 yesterday!

3 thoughts on “An apple a day

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  1. One of these days I’m going to get a Wii!! It sounds like fun! I don’t think my Wii fit age will be as low as yours though.

    Is it any wonder you’d be having strange dreams and you dashing about all over the place? Next time you see the bouncy castle, take some time out to chill, and have a good jumping session on it!

  2. I was really trying to start my healthy eating but had a bit of a set back this week.

    Must get back on my Wii as well, it’s going to tell me off for sure when I do though!

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