Monday Morning

Monday Morning, originally uploaded by magnum_lady(away). Well today has been a rather manic Monday. First of all Bertie wouldn't start, I talked nicely to him and then he did. It was very icy this morning too. I took Andy to the GP because he still had chest pains. They did an ECG at the surgery... Continue Reading →

Another day

Another day, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. So we were up early today. Andy had to go back to the hospital again for physiotherapy. Then on to see the consultant and then back to the physiotherapist for traction. It's always a nightmare trying to park at Sligo General. I dropped Andy at the hospital and drove... Continue Reading →

It’ll be lonely this Christmas

It'll be lonely this Christmas, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Well poor old Andy is still in hospital. It is a very quiet house 😦 He had a steroid injection yesterday, but if anything it made his pain worse. Tomorrow they are going to give him a epidural and see what happens there. He's still drugged... Continue Reading →

Baby you can wash my car….

Well Bertie has to have his NCT tomorrow. NCT =national car test=50 quid, bitten nails and a headache. It's very hard to see your baby car being poked and pulled. Anyway in honour of the test I took Bertie to be washed. The local garage has a young man (ooh I sound like my mother)... Continue Reading →

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