Back to reality

The Gatekeeper, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

The photo doesn’t really have anything to do with the blog, but I think it’s a cute pic. It was taken in Tullyboy Farm before Christmas.

Today I managed to get into Sligo town. I haven’t been there for a month! So I had some bills to pay and wanted to go to the library. I also thought I might see something nice in the sales…….what sales! I came home with nothing!

Anyway the kids came in with me. Andy is still laid up in bed. It was Jono’s first time out since his operation. Our drive and lane is still very icy so we had to take care getting to the main road, but once there it was fine. Except the road to Collooney is now full of potholes due to the snow and ice. The workmen were putting chippings in the holes but it’s not helping much, now there are just stones everywhere.

Jono was looking forward to a KFC so we went there for lunch. It was bloody freezing in there though, I don’t think they have any heating on. Anyway it didn’t stop him enjoying his Big Daddy Meal.

5 thoughts on “Back to reality

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  1. Great to hear you’re out and about again.

    Isn’t it funny how when you’re denied something, you absolutely crave it? Jono sure earned that burger!

    I hope news is better on Andy soon.

  2. I love all of your photos, but I think I love that one
    the most :). I say that about all the photos, don’t I. LOL!

    Looks like Jono is enjoying his burger, sure
    is making me hungry! I am glad he is doing better
    after his surgery. 🙂


  3. I’m so glad to see that lovely photo of Jono and to hear he had his surgery. Good for you Val. I hope Andy feels better.
    We also got a Wi for Christmas for Rian but have to still purchase the fit part. Glad it’s working for you.

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