Needles and pins

Needles and pins, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

I don’t know about needles and pins, it should be potholes and craters, the roads are getting worse despite the loose stones the council put in the holes. In one place part of the road was sticking up, I’m worried about poor old Bertie getting a puncture.

Anyway Lucy went back to school today. I hate the school run, it’s more difficult as I have to whizz her into school and then come back again to look after the patients. Roll on the summer holidays I say.

As well as snow and ice today we had to contend with fog. This was the village this morning:

I got a message this evening from one of my readers to say she is going to nominate me for the best photo blog in the Irish Blog Awards I know I don’t stand a chance but I’m delighted all the same 🙂

With all this talk about awards and weather I almost forgot to tell you. I’ve been having really weird dreams since the new year. Most nights they are nightmares and I wake up in an awful state, but last night for some really odd reason Hugh Fearnley Whittingstall was trying to teach me how to play the banjo! Mad!

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  1. You are such an amazing photographer – I just love this photo – and congrats on the nomination. Not sure about roll on the Summer holidays – but roll on the Summer definitely! x

  2. Well Val, I have to agree with the lady who nominated you for the award. You have the “touch” Keep it up. Also, I know you are stretched to your outer limits, but – like me you have a great new year ahead of you. Lots of love to the best photographer/nurse in Ireland!

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