What happened to Summer!?

Well I don't know what happened to our Summer, but if anyone finds it can you send it back please? It's been raining for well over 24 hours now. Lucy had to be in work experience today but the road we usually take to go into Sligo was impassable (it's since been closed) so we... Continue Reading →

Floods and fog

Floods and fog, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I took Lucy to Dublin yesterday to see Little Boots in concert. She was brilliant (I'll do a blog about that tomorrow). Jono was meant to be coming as well, but his back is too bad to stand for any length of time. So he stayed with Andy.... Continue Reading →


Shiny, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. The weather hasn't improved since the other day. The roads are flooded. I've heard of some schools in other parts of the country being closed and some roads in Sligo were impossible to get through. It doesn't help that half the muppets don't reduce their speed or put their headlights... Continue Reading →

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