Baby you can wash my car….

Well Bertie has to have his NCT tomorrow. NCT =national car test=50 quid, bitten nails and a headache. It’s very hard to see your baby car being poked and pulled. Anyway in honour of the test I took Bertie to be washed. The local garage has a young man (ooh I sound like my mother) that washes the cars, he also put air in my tyres…without me nagging him. It’s a bit like having another husband but without the terms and conditions 😉

I had to go to the hospital today to pick up some of Jonos xrays, he is due to go to Crumlin next week to see a spinal specialist…he was delighted to see his xrays. He wanted me to put a pic up incase anyone with a curved spine wants to see it.

Jono's spine xray

It cost me 2.20 euro just to park for 10 minutes at the hospital..mad.

Dad is still much the same. He has an ambulance to take him to and from dialysis now. He didn’t want to be washed today or take any tablets…what can you do? Mum has been offered nursing help but said she doesn’t want anyone else coming in and out to the house. Mum said she was sitting with dad the other night while he was asleep and saw a really bright blue light above his head. She felt like her dad was in the room watching over them.

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  1. oh thats so sad & lovely too, obviously your mum & dad are very close…
    talk about true love… i don’t think help is a bad idea but wonder how receptive i’ll be if it was me!

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