Rockin’ Robin

Rockin’ Robin, originally uploaded by magnum_lady.

Well it’s been a good day. Bertie had his NCT (National car test) this morning. He is ten years old so I wondered how he would get on, especially after the suicidal badger incident. A young man (here I go again with young men) came and took the car keys and 50 euro from me and drove Bertie into the test centre. I sat in the waiting room, like an expectant father in a maternity ward and watched poor Bertie through the window being pushed and pulled.
Bertie at the car test
Anyway I’m delighted to say that Bertie passed 🙂
After that excitement I had to go into Sligo to do some shopping for mum.  As I was driving past Doorly Park I noticed a lot of people and boats so I had a quick walk down there. It was the Sligo Rowing Club doing The Sligo Head of the River event, which is a 3500 metre time trial from the mouth of Lough Gill along the Garavogue River.
Sligo Rowing Club

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  1. My car broke down just before my NCT so I had to cancell! Got it fixed and have the test on Tuesday. Last week I noticed a lot of smoke coming from my exhaust. It has got worse since. My mechanic said to do the test anyway and it should pass all but emmisson test then he will get to the bottom of the smokey exhaust!! Its really getting me down as I love the car but i have had a lot of problems with it lately and its the first time I bought a car privately! Ahhhh!

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