An Afternoon at The Ocean Sands Hotel

I was delighted to invited along to The Ocean Sands Hotel for afternoon tea, and a tour of their spa. If you read the blog, you’ll know that afternoon tea is one of my favourite hobbies, and it’s been ages since I went for one.

The Ocean Sands Hotel is a four star hotel located on the Wild Atlantic Way in Enniscrone, Co. Sligo. It’s the perfect location to base yourself for beach walks (and it’s dog friendly), it’s close to the lovely town of Ballina, in Co. Mayo – so that’s shopping sorted, it’s also close to the Ox Mountains – so you can take a spin and you might even meet these chaps:

Wild goats in the Ladies Brae, Sligo

The afternoon tea was very nice, my favourite part was the raspberry and white chocolate scone, I also really liked the mince pie, the pastry was like a shortbread biscuit, just melt in the mouth. I loved that we those of us who weren’t drinking were given an alcohol free cocktail, which tasted as gorgeous as it looked.

The view from the restaurant is just something else, there’s something so relaxing about watching the waves crashing on the shore, and the sea birds flying over. If it wasn’t a dull day we would have seen the sun setting too.

After our food we met some of the hotel staff, they are all really lovely, and so proud of what they have achieved in the hotel, it’s a very different place to the last time I was there. It’s bright and airy, friendly and welcoming. There’s a new coffee dock, so even if you don’t want a meal, you can relax with a coffee and a cake. If you do decide to stay for lunch or dinner, you are in the safe hands of head chef Marcin Szczodrowski, Marcin is one of Sligo’s most popular chefs, he’s multi-award winning and you know you are going to get a wonderful meal.

We were given a guided tour of the spa, and this place is something else. I love places with a wow factor, and this place certainly has that. We were offered mini treatments, but I had to leave early so I couldn’t avail of one, but one of my lovely followers (and online friend) saw me mentioning that I was going and had a voucher left for me – so I’ll be back – and I can’t wait!

The only dilemma is what treatment or therapy to choose. I love the look of the seaweed baths, the thermal suite is gorgeous too – with the colour changing hot tub and sauna, and there’s going to be a salt cave opening shortly – and this room just blew me away! It reminded me of the salt caves in Krakow, it is stunning.

There’s also The Lavender Lounge where you can get your nails done, and even your hair curled. I love the feature ‘windows’ in each room, it feels like you are looking out onto a sunset, or a lavender field. The staff in the spa are really lovely too, I often have an ‘I’m not worthy’ (you know me!) feeling on the rare occasions that I visit a spa, but I didn’t feel like that in The Ocean Sands.

Thank you to the Ocean Sands Hotel for inviting me along, I really appreciate it. If you’d like to find out more about the hotel and all they have to offer you can visit their website:

Although I was invited along this isn’t a sponsored post, no money changed hands either way and I didn’t have to write a blog post, but I like to tell my readers what’s out there.

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