Sunday Thoughts

It’s been ages since I’ve written a Sunday thoughts post, it’s been a very busy time, with lots going on, and it’s nice to put my thoughts out into the ether and get them out of my head. I think with the run up to Christmas, it feels that little bit more hectic, I have some deadlines to meet too, but I’ve made a list and that makes me feel slightly more organised. Luckily I can depend on myself, and it’s not like the gift guide blog posts where I feel like it’s going out of control, they are done and dusted now – phew.

I have discovered watercolour painting, this came from me banning myself from buying any more canvases, because I have so many paintings stacked up and no room for anymore. I had a pack of watercolour paper and a set of paints from ages ago. They sat there because I remember someone saying to me that watercolours are too difficult to use because they are hard to control. So they sat there unloved, but I have to paint, it’s my form of relaxation and it has helped me so much with my mental health. So I dragged them out and I love them!

My paintings aren’t perfect by any means (as someone took the time to message me), but it’s not about perfection. My camera does perfection, that’s what photographs are, an exact replica of a place or a person. My paintings have feeling and love, and a little piece of me. I love the freedom of watercolour, and the fact that I can’t get sucked in to the details – the water and paint does their own thing. I also love that paper doesn’t take up much space – and I’ve sold some paintings for Hilltop Animal Rescue, so it’s a win win. Find out more about Hilltop here. It also reminds me not to have a thought embedded in my head, like ‘something is too difficult’, you won’t know until you try.

I’m doing quite well as far as anxiety goes. I’m almost frightened to say that in case it comes back with a bang. I was somewhere recently and I must have looked a bit awkward because someone ‘rescued’ me. It was such a touching moment and I was very grateful that they spotted me looking out of place. It made a massive difference for me to take a pause and return to the situation again. I need to learn to rescue myself I think.

I’ve also met up with a couple of friends and felt great after seeing them and not flattened like I might have done previously. Getting a good sleep certainly helps me, and I’ve found ‘easy’ viewing does too. I use to love watching crime and horror but I don’t think t was doing me any good. I’m now hooked on Below Deck (thanks Lucy!) it’s great though, it’s reality TV but I really enjoy watching – and I’m not awake half the night with palpitations.

I’ve also got back into reading, after months of not being able to concentrate on a book I’ve now finished two recently, the only trouble is that reading makes me tired, so I’ve almost fallen asleep on the couch a couple of times.

So that’s my long overdue catch up. I hope you are all keeping well and happy. Let me know what helps you relax, I’d love to know.

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