New Year Online Classes

With the new year and the new lockdown some of you might be looking for online courses and classes so I've decided to write a post about some I've spotted. It's a great way to learn something new or improve on a skill you already have and it's also a great way to distract yourself... Continue Reading →

Irish Online Experiences

I've had a few people asking me about online courses or classes that they can do, so I've decided to write about some that I know of. One of the positives about online courses is that it doesn't matter what part of the country you are in to take part - as long as you... Continue Reading →

Things to do in Enniskillen

Enniskillen is one of my favourite places to visit - and not just because there is a massive Asda there! They also have lots of things to do, some that I've done and some that I haven't. I thought this post might be of interest if you are planning a visit. Enniskillen Taste Experience. This... Continue Reading →

The Knocknashee Walk

Knocknashee (the hill of the fairies) is very close to where I live and I've wanted to walk up in for a long time. I'm delighted that there is now an official walk up there and I went up a couple of weeks ago. Weather wise it wasn't the best day but if you are... Continue Reading →

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