Milltown Woods, Lurganboy, Leitrim

green bridge
Another day of exploring Co. Leitrim, there are so many hidden gems there and it’s great to be out and about discovering them. This is Milltown Woods in Lurganboy. It’s just outside Manorhamilton.

river woods bench

The River Bonet runs through these woods and it’s just so peaceful walking around there, listening to the water rushing and the birds singing.

bluebells and sheep

There are several walkways, some uphill where you see bluebells and some fairly flat so suitable for all levels of fitness.

white bluebells

In among the bluebells I saw a white one, it’s the first white one I’ve seen this year.

This area was made famous by Johnnie Lawson who filmed it and put the video on YouTube – it’s now had over 25 million views!

To find Milltown Woods just follow the signs for Lurganboy and you’ll see the woods signposted. The entrance nearest to Manorhamilton is the handiest to find the green bridge.

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  1. Breathtaking. Our house the Gables in co Leitrim is jus a few miles always. Thank you for sharing 💚🍀🇮🇪❤

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