Milltown Woods, Lurganboy, Leitrim

The River Bonet runs through these woods and it's just so peaceful walking around there, listening to the water rushing and the birds singing. There are several walkways, some uphill where you see bluebells and some fairly flat so suitable for all levels of fitness. In among the bluebells I saw a white one, it's... Continue Reading →

Mindful Monday

I had my B12 injection today - hooray! I hope my energy comes back soon, I don't think I've ever been so excited to have an injection in my life - even though it stings quite a bit but sure what's a second of stinging compared to feeling flattened. As I was walking through town... Continue Reading →

Jellybeans for breakfast

It's been a challenging couple of days and as I've found so often in the past there's always something reassuring that happens to tell me I'm going in the right direction. Today was one of those light-bulb moments. I went along to 'Homecoming' with Rachel Webb at the North Leitrim Women's Centre today. It was... Continue Reading →

Happy Anniversary to Me

It's been a year since I had a panic attack in a mindfulness class. I think there should be cake at the very least. It's probably been the strangest year of my adult life. A whole host of emotions tumbling through my head and a roller-coaster of feelings. This particular panic attack was a low... Continue Reading →

Mindfulness and Meditation

On Sunday I went along to a Mindfulness event hosted by Paddy Brosnan. Paddy is mindfulness teacher and inspirational speaker. I was lucky enough to be invited to attend and I thought I might learn something. Thankfully I didn't have a panic attack like I did in the previous mindfulness class I attended (not run... Continue Reading →

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