It’s the most wonderful time of the year?

I’m still behind on blog posts but that’s OK. It’s been a busy week trying to get things organised for Christmas, finishing up work which included two interviews to do this week as well, so I found myself getting stressed.

I was meant to be getting presents yesterday but took one look at the queues and the crowds and gave up. Instead of beating myself up about it which I normally would have done, I spoke nicely to myself.

Today was a new day so instead of thinking of all the shops I had to go into I thought about one thing at a time. I told myself it was OK if I didn’t feel like going into a certain shop or if I needed to leave. It made life so much easier and I managed to do everything on my list which was a major achievement!

It proves to me that if I take one step at a time and I’m nice to myself it works. I must admit the old muscle tension was there, especially in my shoulders, but gradually as each thing was ticked off the list the tension started to go.

Christmas will come and Christmas will go and me getting stressed about it won’t change things.

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  1. Well done you ❤ It's amazing how we speak so much harsher to ourselves then we would anyone else. Good on you for noticing, and good on you for taking good care of yourself. Merry Christmas and may it be a time filled with love, wonder and magic ❤

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