Daily Planner for Busy Women

I have to tell you about this gorgeous journal. I’m a big fan of the Get up and Go diaries and now there’s a journal to go along with it. This is not just any journal though, this one is like a book, a diary and a life coach all in one!

I love the motivational quotes, the check lists, the monthly goals. There’s 480 pages so plenty of space to write all your appointments and the illustrations are beautiful. It’s a hard-backed book with a wipe down cover, so very hard wearing and the perfect companion to your life.

Some more information from the folks behind Get Up and Go:

Do you struggle to get everything you need to get done in your day, or your week or your month, your year, your life??

Do you prioritise what you need to do over what you want to do?

Do you try and do too much?

Do you realise that by writing things down, scheduling your tasks, finding a space in the calendar, puts you in control and makes your time so much more manageable and enjoyable?

The numerous unique features that make this not simply a Daily Planner but a comprehensive guide to your best year ever – will keep you on track for what you want to achieve over a full twelve months.

’Never over estimate what you can do in a day and never underestimate what you can do in a year’.

With this Planner you can plan your year according to your daily, monthly, quarterly and annual priorities, with regular check-ins ins and reflections as to how well your performance is matching your good intentions.

It’s all very well having great New Year’s Resolutions, Goals, to-do-lists and Bucket lists … but unless you have a ‘partner’ holding your hand as you take the necessary actions, you will find it difficult to stay positive achieve your desired outcomes. Consider this Planner as your best friend –  your wise companion – your trusted guide – your loving partner – keeping you on track for your best year and your best life.

The Modern Woman’s Guide for Living a Fabulous Life.

The Daily Planner is only available online and you can find out more here.

Disclaimer: I was kindly given a copy of the Daily Planner for Busy Women but I genuinely love it so I’m happy to recommend it.



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