Gently Drifting

I’m still demented with insomnia, I’m back on the magnesium again to see if I can get sleep. I’ve left the phone downstairs, kept the lights down, tried listening to relaxing music, tried meditation, tried breathing and goodness knows what else but I still can’t sleep!


Today I went along to have a reiki crystal healing treatment at Gently Drift with Teresa McCabe. I’ve had reiki before but I don’t think I had them with crystals. Teresa is based at the Hair Lounge in Caltragh, she has a gorgeous room there, full of colour and calm. I could feel myself relaxing the minute I stepped in there.

I filled out the treatment form and was made comfortable on the couch. Teresa explained what she was going to do, it was all very calm and I felt safe and secure. Firstly a pendulum was used to see where there were issues and corresponding crystals were placed on my relevant chakra points.

The first thing I noticed was a feeling at the top of my head – like little sparks coming off me. It reminded me of when I was a kid and a cat was put on my head – but that’s a whole other story! Then my left shoulder got really hot and my left hand started tingling – without Teresa going anywhere near them.

What amazed me most was the heat coming from Teresa’s hands – she had them hovering over me and it was like being on a sun bed or having a heater over me. As my eyes were shut I could see colours: white, purple, green and blue flashing. It was hard for me to relax but that’s normal for me, I did stay still though and I really enjoyed the treatment.

When it was over I felt very calm and relaxed and I’m absolutely shattered tonight – so maybe I might sleep! Teresa suggested I wear something red to keep me grounded – I don’t think she had a lobster outfit in mind though!


Thanks so much Teresa for your healing hands and calming way, this was just what I needed. You can find Gently Drift here.

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