A bit of a challenging day. Firstly if you follow me on Facebook you will have read about my Krakow dilemma. I’m going to Krakow next week and I’m always giving Jono stick for booking rough places….well I seem to have beaten him!

This is the place I’ve booked and I’m worried, it doesn’t seem great at all – cheap and not cheerful. So I’m hoping that I’ll be able to change the booking – failing that I might be sleeping in the airport! I’ve also had trouble getting zlotys, you’d never think so many Polish people live in Sligo because one of the banks take a week to order it, another bank wouldn’t deal with me because I’m not a customer, I finally found a bank that will have it in by Friday – hopefully!

I went to the doctor today. I really don’t like going but I’ve had blurry eyes for over a year, I’ve also had a numb face and my fingers go numb. Since Christmas the front of one of my legs has been numb. I had arthritis blood tests months ago and they are clear. Today it was suggested I had sciatica – I don’t – I know the symptoms for that. I was told they’d probably never find out what it was – so I asked was there any chance it might be MS and I was told no I’d be pushing it at my age – so basically I’m too old to get MS. So it seems like I’ll have to deal with my numbness and just get on with it – fine by me.

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  1. You could rebrand – Magnumb-lady😉
    No laughing matter, I do sympathise
    I personally feel visits to GP are waste of time, pop a pill or rub on a cream is their only solution

  2. Val, I think you should ask to be referred to a neurologist, you will probably have to wait a while for an appointment, but it’s always good to get these things checked out – have you had your Vitamin B12 checked lately? Your GP can do that blood test.

  3. You can exchange money easily in Poland. Polish people never exchange euros to zlotys in Irish banks. In Poland, we do it in places called ‘kantor’, not in banks. There is plenty of them in Krakow town centre. Have a good time in my country!

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