Three is the magic number

Three nights of uninterrupted sleep and I don’t know myself, I’m feeling so much better! I’m so grateful to Teresa for the wonderful treatment.

The countdown is on for my trip to Poland, I’m so excited and am busy planning what I will cram into my two days. I’ve book a new place to stay thankfully so I’ll be in the old town of Krakow, the road I’m on just happens to be near a cat cafe – great suggestion Jono!

I’ve decided to go on a tour to Auschwitz, I was going to go on my own but it’s quite confusing to get to – well for me anyway. I’m not great at navigating new places so the tour company will pick me up from the hotel and drop me back there. No getting lost for hours on end.

So now I’m just sorting out what to do for the rest of my time and faffing about with what to pack – nothing new there.

In others news we were on the local radio business show today about Sligo Hub. You can listen back here, we are at 17 minutes into the show but if you listen before it you will also hear about Cafe Fia, Coolaney’s Community Cafe. Thanks so much to Claire Ronan for interviewing us.

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