Deflating – in more ways than one

It’s back to earth with a bang today after leaving my comfortable bubble of the theatre world. I was part of Sligo Acts at the Hawk’s Well Theatre. Basically around 40 members of the public signed up to be part of a stage show.

After around 16 hours of rehearsals we produced an evening of entertainment based on Husbands and Wives. There were three short plays, two radio shows and our mime act. I was part of a team of 8 wonderful women and under the direction of the tremendously talented Jean-Marie Perinetti we became the love mechanics. We mimed the trials and tribulations of romance through the ages.

I’ve done a little bit of acting before but have never done any miming but I absolutely loved it. It’s a real physical form of acting and our little group became a family. We even went out for dinner yesterday – more about that in another blog – and some of the ladies went out on the town last night.

I loved the part where I was on stage and loved the camaraderie of being with the others. I did feel very uncomfortable after the show with the crowds but that’s the whole anxiety thing and the fact that most of the others had people who had come to see them and I didn’t have anyone – Billy No Mates strikes again.

So today I’m back to being me even though I have been tempted to mime everything. To further add to the deflation my car got a screw stuck in one of the tyres and ended up with a slow puncture. I pumped it full of air and prayed that it would get me to the garage – it did. So at least the car is no longer deflated, as for me I’m not so sure.

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  1. This sounds like an amazing experience, good for you for doing this. I also understand coming back down to earth after working hard with a group of folks to create something. This is normal for all involved. Rest up, take good care of yourself and smile at the amazing memories you all made together. ❤ I can just see you going around time and just doing Mime 🙂

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