Things I like this week

There’s been a lot of doom and gloom around lately, I know I’m one of the culprits! So I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve liked this week – and don’t worry cake and chips don’t make an appearance because you all know how I feel about them!

First up is Pit Putty. This is a natural deodorant made in Sligo and I managed to get a sample pot from a local shop. I have to admit I was skeptical and as I am now a woman of a certain age I have a tendency to be a Sweaty Betty perspire slightly more than I normally would and although Pit Putty doesn’t stop you sweating it makes you smell gorgeous! Better still the lavender one makes me feel relaxed too.

Sligo Acts. This is a brilliant idea hosted by the Hawk’s Well Theatre, Sligo. Members of the public have signed up to be part of a night of theatre on March 10th. This week was our first rehearsal and our group are under the direction of the wonderful Jean-Marie. It was such a fun couple of hours, I especially love the warm up games where I tend to fly around the stage screaming like a girl – much to the horror of my muscles the next day.

Sligo Library – apart from all the art books I’ve borrowed and the lovely smiling faces of the staff (especially Louise and Joe) I have to mention two books;
Owning It – Your Bullsh*t Guide to Living with Anxiety by Caroline Foran, finally a book written in plain English with sensible suggestions – no mention of drinking unicorn tears or licking a lizard’s belly….phew.
The Other Side of the Wall by Andrea Mara. Andrea is a fellow blogger and this is her debut novel, it was right up my street – or should I say wall. If you like psychological thrillers you will love this.

Charity shops. I absolutely love them. It’s fantastic to get a bargain and give something back to a good cause at the same time. Recently I got a pair of Doc Marten boots and an art set – happy days.

Bamboo Coffee Cups. I don’t know about you but I can’t stand plastic keep cups, they really seem to taint the drinks and they aren’t good for the environment so I saw these William Morris Ecoffee Cups and think they’d be a fantastic alternative.

Getting up close and personal with a pig. There’s a lot more to this but keep an eye on the blog to read all about it.

Catch ups and coffees. This week I’ve had a few meet ups with friends and it was lovely to see them, I will try to text them first next time though 😉

Thanks for reading.


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  1. I do remember reading long ago about Styrofoam cups, and the hot liquid absorbs the chemicals . And I also remember tasting the difference in these cups. Now ,your cups I not sure which ones they are. Dunkin Donuts (USA) uses these cups for some coffees (size depending) and I always ask them to change the cup if they serve in Styrofoam. It may sound picky, but it’s science. I have a good mind to write to Dunkin donuts..but I am too tired at this time …lol
    Maybe tomorrow..:)

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