On the write track

I accidentally ended up in a writing group today. Well I say accidentally, I have previously toyed with the idea. There was one running in town but it was out of my budget. This one is run by Tubbercurry library and it's free. It's a bit strange how the world works. Recently I've seen signs... Continue Reading →

Things I like this week

There's been a lot of doom and gloom around lately, I know I'm one of the culprits! So I thought I'd share some of the things I've liked this week - and don't worry cake and chips don't make an appearance because you all know how I feel about them! First up is Pit Putty.... Continue Reading →

Sligo Central Library Summer Events

Firstly I'm delighted that Sligo Central Library is now open on a full-time basis. It was a real shame when it was only open every other week and I was worried that we might lose such a valuable asset to Sligo town. ┬áNot only do they have a great selection of books for all ages... Continue Reading →


Today was Jono's last day at his course for three weeks as they are closed for holidays. He's missing it already! I took Lucy into town she was looking for Harry Potter books. Sligo has lost two bookshops in recent months due to the recession. I was surprised with the other bookshops that they didn't... Continue Reading →

Hanging around

Hanging around, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Another day....more rain. So no painting today. We went to two car boot sales today....which is a miracle for Sligo. The first was in Collooney. I got some angel cards and a book about angels, which I've let mum look at first. There were some gorgeous puppies for sale... Continue Reading →

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