Happy 9th Birthday to the Blog

Well it’s hard to believe that my little old blog is 9 years old! Those years fairly flew. The blog started as a place to get thoughts out of my head during a time when there was a lot of illness in the family and has kind of come full circle.

I still blog about everything and anything although I have a particular interest in sharing my thoughts and feelings. I’m also keen to share anything I find of interest especially in the way of travel and quirky places to visit…and of course food. I’m not just looking for wonderful food I think the whole eating out process should be an experience, I like places with a wow factor.  Anyway here are a few events that have happened in the blog years:

We’ve moved house 3 times. Hopefully never again.
Jono and Lucy left school. Yippee! 
We went from being cat people to dog people. 
I’ve visited lots of different places and loved all of them – except Milan.
Jono had spinal fusion surgery.
Andy is lucky to still be here after having blood clots in both lungs.
Lucy started her own blog.
I’ve won a few photography awards – Lucy has won more than I have, she needs to take more photos because she has a serious talent.
I’ve started working in Social Media.
Jono is busy making the smallest model railway that I’ve ever seen and paints tiny little figures for it.
I’ve started writing articles for different publications – and love it!
I’ve got depression and a mid-life crisis – which saw me get a tattoo, start tap dancing, start painting, start social coffee mornings and stop going to the ‘opening of an envelope’. 
I’ve had two solo photography exhibitions.
I’ve spoken at a few events.
Lucy is flying her way through the education system and is now at AIT and has moved in with her lovely boyfriend Laurence.
I’ve climbed mountains (slid down one too),jumped off cliffs, tried surfing, explored caves, walked on water (kind of), flown over Sligo (in a plane, I didn’t grow wings – yet), I’ve swim with the fishes in Mullaghmore and shared a boat with 15 sheep.
The blog has taught me so much about my self and has given me a lust for life, even though at times that was a struggle.
I’ve been on TV a few times.
The blog enabled Jono to go to the Pokemon World Championships in San Francisco.
People have come, people have gone. I’ve made lots of ‘virtual’ friends.
I’ve had visitors to the blog from all over the world and at this moment in time the blog has had 562848 views.

So that’s the blog in a nutshell, it’s my ‘go to’ place and along with my family has kept me sane. Thanks to you all for the visits, for the banter and for just being there. I’d say I’m the oldest blogger in town – and I think there should be cake to celebrate.



9 thoughts on “Happy 9th Birthday to the Blog

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  1. Happy 9th Blog Birthday 🙂 Wow- what a 9 years it has been, wholly molly. Yep, definitely celebration with cake, all round 🙂

  2. Have enjoyed your blog from the US for a lot of those 9 years. Always makes me want to return to Sligo for yet another visit.

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