The Ten Year Challenge

Can you believe the blog is now ten years old! On a dark day in 2009 the blog was born. It was started as an online diary then people started reading it so what went from a few readers turned into hundreds of thousands of visits and views. The blog has seen and blogged about... Continue Reading →

Calendars and cows

I put a shout out over on Facebook as to if there'd be any interest in a 2019 calendar of my photos. There was a resounding yes so I'm in the process of taking pre-orders. I usually order them from Northern Ireland due to high costs but I'm delighted to say that this year they... Continue Reading →

Farewell January

I don't know about you but this month seems to have dragged on for ages. At last we are starting to see a grand stretch in the evening, it's 5.25 pm and it's still not completely dark. I'm doing absolutely nothing at the moment, well except writing this post, I have a Jack Russell at... Continue Reading →

Blog stats for 2017

WordPress used to do a review of the year but for the last couple of years that hasn't happened so I've done my own. Since the blog started in 2009 I've had half a million views! For a little blog based in the sticks of Ireland that's pretty impressive - for me anyway. In 2017... Continue Reading →

20 Random Facts about me

I saw this idea onĀ The Two DarlingsĀ and loved it so here are 20 random facts that you might not know about me: 1. I was almost called Valencia - due to where I was conceived - I know TMI, thankfully my dad put his foot down. 2. I was born in Hemel Hempstead in England... Continue Reading →

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