Gallivanting around Grange

I was in Grange yesterday for a business meeting, ooh get me! It gave me the chance to visit The Jam Pot cafe which I’ve wanted to try for ages. It’s a lovely place and I really enjoyed my chocolate, beetroot and avocado cake – which shouldn’t have worked but it was delicious.

There’s a new antique and furniture shop that has recently opened in Grange too so I had a little wander around, it’s called Rosyhil and well worth a look. There are some gorgeous things in there including a tea set the same as one my granny had. I was quite taken with the tiny glass bottles and the white piano. Oh if only I had the room – the glass bottles are calling me though! I remember years ago visiting a quarry and finding loads of little bottles – so much history attached to them and such workmanship. Anyway I’m rambling.

There’s a lovely playground in the village too if you have any younger folk and a really cute ‘mini’ library – I’d love to see more of those in Sligo.

After my little stroll around I headed to the local chipper.  Years ago I got a battered Mars Bar there and I couldn’t decide if I like it or hated it so I was going to give it another try. Sadly they don’t sell them anymore so I ended up with a bag of chips instead. If anyone out there knows of somewhere in or near Sligo that sells battered Mars Bars or any kind of battered chocolate drop me a message because I need to have one….just for research purposes of course. 🙂



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