My first yoga session

Yes as usual I’m bouncing from one thing to another trying to find something that works or that helps me relax. I kept seeing a yoga page popping up on Facebook and when I saw a ‘chair yoga’ class I thought I’d go along.

I wasn’t too sure what to expect to be honest, although I did have an image of my leg being wrapped around my head – it didn’t happen. I also wondered if I was meant to wear some kind of leotard or something of that ilk, I didn’t have to – phew!

Cathi runs yoga hOMe, which is based on JFK Parade Sligo. I was a bit wary of walking in but that’s just me in any situation. I have to say I was struck by the warmth and welcome of Cathi, she it truly passionate about what she teaches. I also really liked her elephant top!

Caithi told us about yoga and some of the origins and meaning behind it. At this stage I’m willing to try anything in order to switch my over-active mind off.

So what did I think?

I was pleasantly surprised, some of the stretches felt wonderful, it was like unraveling parts of my body. I liked how we were seated throughout it all and focusing on different parts of the body. I was surprised that at some bits it’s actually a wee bit strenuous but in a good way.

I loved that the chair class is run by donations – so you give what you can give – this is a really wonderful idea. I’ve missed out on so many things because I haven’t been able to afford to go.

I have trouble with the breathing – yes I know how strange that sounds but the more I concentrate on breathing the more I panic and I tend to go dizzy. I knew from Oliver at Sligo Pilates to breathe at my own pace and not to force the breath out so I did that and I was grand.

Some parts of me got really warm when I was doing the class and when it was over I felt taller and like I was gliding rather than walking.

Cathi runs all different kinds of yoga classes and workshops and you can find out about them here. I will definitely go back to the class next week.



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