Spotlight on Sligo – Mother Says Design

I’ve decided to do a new feature on the blog to focus the spotlight on Sligo. So many things go on in our wonderful town and county but we don’t really get to hear about many of them. First for this feature is Mother Says Design.

I remember seeing this elegant, confident, lady walking through Sligo town. Every time I saw her she was always dressed in something fabulous. I’ve since found out that Tish Carroll is the lady behind Mother Says Designs.

Tish offers a bespoke service, working with clents to design custom made garments or accessories that are unique to them.  Each piece is created with the intention to outlive fast fashion yet remain stylishly elegant.

Not only does Mother Says Design make gorgeous ‘one off’ outfits, a new range of beautiful bags have just been launched. These will be for sale in The Cat and the Moon, Castle Street, Sligo. If you take a look at the window display this week you will see some of the fantastic designs of bags and garments hand crafted by Tish.

Martina Hamilton, award-winning jewellery designer and proprietor of The Cat and the Moon is fantastic at mentoring and supporting new designers and is delighted to feature Mother Says Design in the shop.

You can meet Tish and find out more about her designs this Saturday at 12 noon at The Cat and the Moon, Sligo.

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  1. Thank you for sharing Val. What makes for a wonderful town are the wonderful people in it. Trish sounds like such a person. So much “fast fashion” nowadays. Great to have an entrepreneur that looks beyond that into products that never grow old. 🙂

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