Spa by the Sea

Lucy and I were thrilled to be invited along to the Eros Spa at the Yeats Country Hotel in Rosses Point, Sligo to try their mother and daughter package.

Relaxation is something I’m very bad at so on a rainy Monday morning we went along for our pampering. We were welcomed by Mary, the spa manager – I’d love to bottle Mary’s energy and enthusiasm – she’s just lovely. Mary showed us into the relaxation room and we had tea and fruit as we waited for our aromatherapy baths to be ready.

There’s something very special about being warm and cosy looking out at the rain on the window and the waves of the Wild Atlantic Way.

We went into a double bathroom and sank into our aromatherapy baths and let our cares drift away. Usually I’d fall asleep in a bath but I can’t seem to relax that much lately. It was gorgeous though.

After our baths we were shown to the double treatment room. I’d chosen an Indian head massage, a facial and a neck and back massage. I have to admit I was a bit dubious about the head massage. I have a bit of a phobia about people touching my head – when I was a child my friend put a cat on my head and it freaked me out. In hindsight the head massage probably wasn’t the best choice for me.

I absolutely loved the facial though, it was so and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I just wish I could have switched my brain off instead of thinking about daft things like have we got enough cheese! Carmen, my therapist, was a pet. She’s so gentle and calming and such a lovely change from a facial I had in another spa some time ago where the therapist told me my skin was in an awful state, she also wheeled her chair into the bed twice and burped on me! You won’t get that at Eros Spa thankfully.

The neck and back massage was fab, relaxing under warm towels, feeling the tension seep away from my neck muscles. It was heavenly, I could do with another one today.

After being pampered we’d worked up a bit of an appetite so we were shown back into the relaxation room and had a wonderful lunch. Thank you so much to all at Eros Spa for such a lovely day. I have plans to come back again soon because I really want to try the Peat Bath (which I imagine is like a turf bath) and I’m very intrigued by it.

Thank you so much to all the team at Yeats Country Hotel for inviting us along, we had a wonderful day. You can read Lucy’s post here.


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