Is there life after death?

I was recently reading a book called ‘We’ll Meet Again’ by Colm Keane. The book deals with deathbed visions and near death experiences. I know some people think that when you die that’s it but I’ve always felt there was something else.

From a young age I’ve experienced ‘different things’. We used to live in a very old house in the UK and quite often a boy would stand beside my bed. He didn’t speak and I didn’t feel threatened, he was just there.

When I was 21 I had my tonsils out, it wasn’t known at that time that I had a bleeding disorder so I lost a lot of blood. I also was really ill after the surgery. I was at home in bed and I needed the toilet so I got up and opened the bedroom door. I was faced with friends and relatives who had all passed away. I wasn’t scared or anything but I didn’t know what was going on. I turned to look at my bed and I could see myself in it. I knew that if I left the room I wouldn’t be coming back. Needless to say I went back to bed. In a way I found this a very comforting experience.

My dad died in 2009, he’d been sick for a long time so in a way it was a relief that he wasn’t suffering anymore. He was in hospital when he died and I got a phone call to say he had passed away. I phoned my mother to tell her but got an answering machine telling me to leave a message, this happened twice but they don’t have an answering machine.

I drove to her house to tell her the news. As we sat through the night drinking tea and talking the dog was sitting beside my dad’s chair. The chair was creaking as if dad was sitting there. We also got an overwhelming smell of  cigarette smoke and the aftershave dad used to wear years before when he was well.

I’ve often felt dad was near me over the years, although not recently. Dad was a photographer and whenever I felt nervous about taking photos I would get a heat on my back as if dad was pushing me forward.

So those are just a few experiences that I’ve had, there are more but I don’t want this to turn into a book. What do you think? Do you think when we die that’s the end or do you think there’s something else?

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  1. I really believe there is something more than just this life. I do even believe we live more than one life. I believe we do rebirth many times and I think we are here to learn.
    First time I was in Sligo I came “home” and ut hurts to leave.
    Take care of you. I love your blog and your photos.
    Friendly Lena from Sweden

  2. I’m with you, we all come back in some form, even if its only the very vivid dreams I have had of my parents, long gone now.

  3. I agree, my husband did not believe in life after death, but a couple of mornings after he passed I woke to the smell of cigarette smoke, and knew that it was him… I told him, I’m right again! 😉

  4. I believe there is something. Like you, my Dad passed in 1990 and every year for the first 19 years of his passing I would get a migraine and would be in bed. I would ask my Dad to send me a message that he was okay. Always with 24 hours I would have a sign. For example, my drop down desk top would be opened. One year my Dad’s deodorant smell was detected while my Mom was visiting my sister in Florida on the anniversary of his death. Both could smell it as it had a distinctive smell. My sister asked me to tell my Dad to show me and not her that he was okay as she was scared of experiencing these occurrences.
    I’ve had other experiences through the years and hope tthat there is something in the beyond

  5. Definitely believe there is life after death. Have had too many unexplained experiences around the death of loved ones not to believe, especially after the death of our daughter. Have told very few , as I feel I’m not being believed.

  6. Yes Val I believe there is I have seen 2 ghosts in my lifetime ..and also my mum told me to ring her sister and tell her to go to the doctor.. I did ring my cousin …and said what had happened and she said they had gone to doctors and had an appointment with the hospital …I had not seen or heard from my cousin for aboutv25 yrs before this…so yes answer is IDO BELIEVE.. X

  7. I believe. I’m always fascinated by stories of experiences from the spiritual world, I find them comforting and faith affirming. Thank you for sharing some 🙂

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