Highs and Lows

A mixed bag of a day. Aren't they always? Mostly good though. I tried roller skating again and actually managed to stay upright so that's progress. My friend gave me elbow and knee pads and a helmet so I felt slightly more confident. One of these days I might be able to skate into town...well... Continue Reading →

A little bit of magic in Beltra

Today was a lovely day. I went along to Longford Demesne in Beltra, Co. Sligo with Michael and Molly from Nature Learn. Longford Demesne is run by Yvonne and Declan Foley and it's obvious they are passionate about their little bit of heaven. They are also one of the most hospitable couples I've ever met.... Continue Reading →

Messing with macro

I was just messing about with the camera today at Doorly Park, Sligo. These are the results.   The butterfly was taken with my phone up the lane when I got home 🙂

Down at Doorly Park

In between collecting jumble today for our jumble sale (on June 23rd) I had a few minutes to spare so I went down to the outdoor gym in Doorly Park. It's a great place and it's free 🙂 I got distracted though by the bees. There are so many lovely colourful flowers and they were... Continue Reading →

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