Making Progress

The last few days have been a bit of a mixed bag but that’s life. On the whole it’s been mostly good though.

A couple of things happened that would have put me in a panic and I managed to glide through them. It’s like I’m living in a bubble and instead of this being a bad thing as it would have been in the early days it’s now a good thing. I know that sounds confusing so I’ll explain.

In the darkest days I felt like I was in a bubble hiding away from reality. Looking but not really participating in anything. These days I feel like the bubble is protecting me, things can get thrown at me but they’ll bounce off my bubble. Yes I know it sounds bizarre but if it works I’ll keep it.

I’ve been out and about playing with the camera, trying different shots and enjoying it. I find when I’m focused (pardon the pun!) on photography I’m so engrossed that I’m not thinking of anything else. While the shots are very different to my usual pics it’s kind of nice experimenting.

The biggest downside at the moment is that my energy has dipped big time. I know I’m my own worst enemy, I had a week of being back to full energy and I’ve overdone it. So now I’m exhausted all over again. I’d love a couple of days away somewhere just to try to recharge my batteries but I don’t think that’s going to happen. I’m having a blood test next week to check my B12 levels so maybe I’m still low. Fingers crossed.

I may still be fighting the battle but I feel like I’ve won the war.


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  1. An upward climb, but looks like you have the legs to make it to the top. Wonder if its a seasonal thing, my friend always has a hard time during the Spring.

  2. Can we, as part of the wider community do anything to offer support or maybe offer assistance that you would deem useful? Best wishes

  3. Thanks for sharing Val. Can identify with some of this. My energy levels seem to fluctuate and I overdo things especially giving of my time to people , sometimes on their terms, leaving me emotionally and physically drained. Recently this has been the case and I am trying to stand back and give myself space to see where I am really at and what I want from life.
    I try to journal daily and this morning I drew a circle of arrows in different colours signifying different areas of my life. This is the first step!!!

    1. I can relate to most of what you have written Margaret, in a way it’s quite exciting working out which way is best to turn in life.
      Although I do wish it wasn’t so draining. Take care, Val

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