Looking back

When I was at my lowest I started writing. I dug out the notebook today and I can’t even remember writing some of the things! There are a couple that jumped out at me though, and actually had me shaking my head that I wrote them, so I’ve decided to publish them here.

The first one must have been about my love/hate relationship with Facebook:

Perfect Lives
Fractured hearts
Home is where the WiFi is.

Filtered, edited, fake,
If this is your reality I don’t want it.

Virtual reality or virtual insanity?
900 friends but no one to talk to.

Years wasted scrolling through mindless trash,
Hiding behind a firewall instead of living a life.

The second one is ‘slightly’ more upbeat:

Coffee in the village,
Chatting over the papers.
A lift to a meeting,
Real life resumes.

A chance meeting,
Feelings exchanged in the bleach aisle,
Failings of domesticity
Amongst the Domestos.

A promise to keep in touch,
A baby’s smile,
Home to tackle the washing mountain.

2 thoughts on “Looking back

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  1. “A promise to keep in touch” How often have I made that promise and failed. Love this little sonnet, will print it out. Thanks.

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