Friday Feeling

Sorry I’ve been so quiet lately, there’s been so much going on and a lot to think about. I really surprised myself today – maybe there’s a glimmer of hope after all.

You see we had our ‘end of year’ play today in the drama class I take part in. A few weeks ago I didn’t think I’d be able to take part in it. I even met with the teacher to tell her how I was struggling and didn’t think I could cope with it. She was so supportive and encouraged me to try and perhaps talk to my class mates. I did and they were brilliant.

So with much encouragement I managed to take part in the play today, it was a huge step for me and I’m delighted I did it. I’m also delighted it’s over!

I was in a scene from Dancing at Lughnasa – I forgot half the lines but the rest of ‘The Mundy Girls’ covered for me and hopefully the audience didn’t notice. I was also in a scene from ‘Waiting from Godot’ which I loved – so much fun – and I really enjoyed it. I even sang the verse of a song – and I’ve never sung in public on my own.

So wonders will never cease! It was a huge achievement for me and one I would never have been able to do if it wasn’t for the support of my teacher and the friends in my class. So perhaps there is hope for me.

The rest of the play was fantastic too – the first year class were amazing, so talented! They put us all to shame. We are lucky to have such a brilliant teacher who encourages us every step of the way. The classes are run by  MSL ETB and are free to take part in, hopefully they’ll run again in September – so if anyone is interested it’s worth watching out for.


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  1. well done on the play and especially the singing in public alone, not an easy thing to do. You are maybe coming out the other side. I have had spells like that too, but i find music in all its various guises tremendously healing. xx

  2. Morning Val! WordPress wouldn’t let me leave a comment so here it is!

    Well done you! I wouldn’t do what you have done onstage in a million years,drama Ian’s public performance way outside my comfort zone, let alone when I was feeling low, so kudos and I hope so much that Spring in Sligo will bring a real spring to your step. Sending warmest wishes Val and as my friend says to me when life takes me down , this too shall pass xxx


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