New Year, New Me?

As you know I’ve been on a healthy eating kick for the last few months (minus eating shite at Christmas because I guess we all do that!) I lost almost a stone in weight and kept most of it off.

I am a bit fed up of my spare tyres though, my stomach is resembling another bum! Strange but true. So I’ve been back to on the straight and narrow and ignoring all the lovely chocolate I was given for Christmas.

I did join Slimming World last week but to be honest it’s not for me. I can see how it does work for people and in fact I’ve seen the results so that’s great. Lucy has been doing it too and has written about it here.  For me though I am possibly the fussiest eater going. I rarely eat meat, I don’t like meat substitutes. I don’t like yogurt and I’ll only eat egg if it’s heavily disguised – not in an Inspector Clouseau way – more like in a cake 😉

Another couple of things that didn’t appeal to me with Slimming World were the ‘free foods’ basically you can eat as much of these as you like. They were mainly fruit, veg and lean meat but also included white rice, pasta and potatoes – the latter I don’t understand at all. If you tell me I can eat all the pasta I like I probably will!

The next thing were the ‘Syns’ which is the term given to every other food that doesn’t fit into your ‘free foods’ or ‘healthy extras’. Firstly it’s bloody confusing, well it is for me! Trying to work out how many Syns you can have. I ended up obsessing about food trying to work it all out. The main thing for me is the whole negative connotation of the word syn. If I’m told something is a Syn I don’t want it. It probably harps back to the Catholic upbringing.  Again that’s just me.

Also with the syns I don’t understand how an avocado, or nuts and seeds are more syns than a bar of chocolate. What about the healthy fats?  Some diet products are also promoted but these are usually full of nasties like aspartame and goodness knows what else.

I was also worried about the lack of calcium. You are allowed a certain amount of milk or cheese as a healthy extra. When I asked if I could have cheese as well as milk as I’m not a meat eater I was told if I did I had to have it as a ‘Syn’. There we go again with the negative connotation for me.

I would have liked to find out more about portion control. I’ve seen so many photos taken by people on Slimming World that are full of carbs with very little vegetables. I’ve also seen meals for one that would feed my whole family. Again this is personal preference but I still firmly believe everything in moderation.

So I’m back to cutting out the crap and I’ve joined our village Operation Transformation group yesterday which is free and encourages not only healthy eating but also exercise too. We were weighed and had our blood pressure checked by doctors and health professionals. I discovered I’ve lost 4lbs in a week which was down to Slimming World, so yes it does work but it’s not for me.

Let me know what’s worked for you.

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  1. Hi magnum lady, I wonder which group you joined? Such a pity you got a negative feeling about it. It does seem like the slimming world plan shouldn’t work but it does. I suppose it’s down to each person. Although the plan is centered around unlimited free foods, it would come down to eating everything in moderation. It does say to have one third of your meal as speed foods which would be fruits and vegetables leaving 2 thirds for meat and carbs. By following the plan in essence you would have one third of each food group. I count syns like euros. I have 15 to use a day and add up the values although some days I have none at all because I’m so full after all my free foods. It’s taught me to reach for fruit (speeds) before chocolate BUT if I really fancied chocolate or a glass of wine I can still enjoy it without the guilt attached unlike some other plans that cut it out altogether. I would have never cooked before other than putting something out of a box into the oven but now I cook from scratch and love it. With 3 stone lost I’m feeling healthier and fitter than I ever was. It has never felt like a diet because if I was told to not eat something I’d eat 20 of them. Instead being told I can have unlimited amounts I think great I’ll have enough to fill me. It’s actually turning a negative thought into a positive for me. I get its not for everyone but it’s definitely a plan that is suitable for most. Good luck with the OT and your weightloss journey.

  2. Thanks Deirdre, the main problem for me is I’m such a fussy eater so that ruled out quite a lot of the free foods. I also couldn’t bring myself to eat the ‘Syns’ just the name of them put me off..again that’s just me. I see it works for so many people and that’s great but I don’t think it would ever work for me.

    1. I had exactly the same problem with them, Val. Like you, I rarely eat meat or dairy or gluten or processed/ ‘diet’ foods and eschew unnatural additives and the things I DO eat to compensate for this – like nuts, coconut oil, brown rice pasta etc – were all a ridiculous number of syns and they wouldn’t let me substitute. This is a great pity, as it USED to be much more flexible. At one time, they had two books – green or red – for the meat-eaters or vegetarians – and I successfully lost a lot of weight on the latter some years ago. xxx

  3. I am no good on weekly check up things, tried a few.

    This year I took a look at the various coaching apps for iPad and had a go at their free trials. The one I have settled with is HAPi.

    With this you keep a journal, using the app, and sort of write a blog. Every meal and snack has to be photographed, using the camera of the app, or use pre-taken photos in your library. Then write a description, and there is a huge set of beautiful food emojis that pop us as you type food words to replace the words.

    Every meal and every snack recorded, all water drunk, exercise logged, a pic of a happy moment of your day and say why, and every two days post your morning weight.

    From all of this a real live dietician coach comments on your journal and advises what to change and what to continue and what to add. She is supposed to do this 5 days a weekend get weekends off, but with me she includes weekend reviews too.

    Daily coaching, I love it. €99 for 3 months daily coaching. A lot to fork out at once but daily coaching she serves for just a Euro a day is boggling. My coach is also a practicing private hospital dietician too. She knows medical. Incredible value.

  4. Oh, also through HAPi, I’ve lost 1 stone, 2 lb since Christmas, probably a bit to fast, but I have never been hungry.

  5. I wish there was something like Operation Transformation here across the pond, Val. What did work for me a few years ago was ‘The 17 Day Diet’ by Dr. Mike Moreno, but I don’t feel up to it this year. I have about 8-10 pounds (.71 stone) to lose right now and I’m trying to figure out the best way to go about it. Best of luck to you!

  6. Well good for you…I fell off the wagon and eat rubbish over Christmas too and am starting again tomorrow…for the umpteen zillion time in my life …to try eating less and exercise more and forget about chocs, cakes and biscuits again…wish me luck as I will need it…I have never tried Slimming World for simply all the reasons you mentioned…I just could not keep tabs on such a diet…Weight Watchers worked for me but again there’s too much fuss in preparation of food… so I just count calories myself…I am just too lazy and hate cooking to get stuck into these type of diets. Good luck with your weight loss x

    1. Thanks Eugenia. Good luck to you too.
      I have a great app on my phone that counts the calories for me so I use that a lot.
      If only carrots tasted as nice as chocolate 😉

  7. Reduce the intake, increase the exercise. Look for the protein on your plate and be good 80% of the time. Wise tips from a friend who has a gym and knows we all fall off the wagon. Good luck! Its a constant struggle and weight definitely harder to shift as we ‘mature’.

  8. Everybody is an individual, what works for one may not for another.Some of us have to work much harder than others for different reasons. Enjoy your food without stress of counting things etc if that stresses you. Stress prevents weight loss and increases cravings. Balancing blood sugar and hormones through food is essential for sustainable weight loss , keeping you from craving and becoming a crazy lady during pms or menopause. Not saying that you are a crazy lady Val.😉!This definitely applies to all of us ! Enjoy food. Enjoy life!

    1. Thanks Siobhan, a great comment. Stressing about food makes me feel worse so maybe that’s were I’m going wrong…and I probably am a bit of a crazy lady 😉

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