Operation Transformation

I suppose this is a strange topic to follow the Galway Goodies post but everything in moderation. If you live in Ireland you’ll probably be aware of the Operation Transformation programme on RTE. Basically it’s a programme to help people lose weight and follow a healthy lifestyle.

Our village has their own Operation Transformation group running. It’s a great idea, every Monday you can get weighed and have your blood pressure checked, followed by a brisk walk. There are also walks on Thursday and Sunday, it’s great to get meeting new people and great for motivation.

As you know I’ve decided Slimming World isn’t for me so I’m kind of doing my own thing. I’ve since seen a nutritionist (more to follow on that) and it turns out I’ve only been eating around 700 calories a day – more fool me. This answers why I’ve been feeling dizzy. So I’m now eating more – trying to keep it healthy and the nuts and seeds are back in my diet – I don’t care how many syns they are 😉 They are healthier than a bar of chocolate anyway.

A few things of interest that I picked up along the way from the Operation Transformation nights:

Pick an outfit out that doesn’t fit you at the moment. Keep it hanging in the kitchen so if you are tempted to have a biscuit you’ll spot your outfit and it’ll hopefully stop you reaching for the goodies.

If you think you are hungry have a glass of water, wait twenty minutes, if you are still hungry have something (sensible) to eat.

Make sure you stretch before and after you do any exercise. It’s easy to do yourself a damage if you aren’t used to exercising.

On the same note take it easy. If you aren’t used to exercising it’s not realistic to run a marathon or walk miles straight away. You might burn yourself out or hurt yourself and will be less likely to want to keep exercising on a regular basis.

If you are going on a long walk/run bring water and your phone. Also please wear a high visibility vest. It’s impossible to see walkers at night on roads that don’t have streetlights. I’ve had a few near misses with people dressed in black on roads without pavements.

In the last two weeks since going along to the Operation Transformation group I’ve lost 1.5lb each week. The Slimming World week I lost 4lb – realistically that was probably all fluid and at my weight probably too much to lose in one go. So I’ve lost a total of 7lbs in three weeks.

I’ve also started parking the car outside town and walking in from a free car park. So I’m walking at least 5km every day and saving money on parking 🙂 It’s a win win.

I’ll keep you updated on how things go.


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  1. Sounds like you’re doing great, Val – keep up the good work! Thanks for sharing those tips too – even though I’ve heard most of the ideas before, the reminder is helpful.

    700 calories would definitely make you feel dizzy, so I’m glad you were redirected on that!

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