Eye See


I had a hospital appointment today to check my eyes out. I check a lot of migraines and the GP wanted my eyes tested to see if they were anything to do with it.

She also thought I might have a cataract so I needed to get it checked. I wasn’t allowed to drive because I had to have drops in to dilate my pupils.  So it was a very early morning – living in the back end of beyond there is only a 7am bus in to Sligo. Luckily Osta opens early so I had breakfast when I arrived in town.

The appointment was fine, the drops were a bit strange. They sting a little bit when they first go in and shortly afterwards it’s difficult to focus on close up things. So reading was out and I couldn’t see my phone. The consultant said I have a freckle on my iris – trust me! I do have a cataract, not on the eye the GP thought but on my other eye, luckily it’s at the base of my eye so shouldn’t cause any problems. The consultant said it was probably caused by a trauma to my eye –  maybe I was dropped on my head as a child!

Eye see

My eyes looked strange for the rest of the day and when I left the hospital I could hardly see! Everything was so bright – it was like an overexposed photo. It took about 6 hours to get my sight back to normal so just be aware of that if you need to have the same test done. Great to find out that there’s nothing there causing my migraines though.

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