I’ve got cataracts – they’re multiplying!

I’ve had problems with my eyes over the last few months, I don’t feel like I’ve been seeing as well as I used to. I was diagnosed with a cataract in October and went for an eye test yesterday just to get my vision checked.

I usually go to a well-known national brand of opticians but to be honest I wasn’t very happy with my last visit over a year ago. I felt I wasn’t being listened to about my concerns with my eyes. When I heard that Sweeney’s Opticians were doing free eye tests for the month of January I booked a test.

As soon as I walked in I was offered a tea or coffee, which I’m told they offer all their customers. Such a nice touch and very welcome. The staff were all very friendly and I couldn’t believe how thorough the eye test I had was.

Martha Ward is the Optometrist in Sweeney’s and she explained all the various tests as she was carrying them out. It turns out not only do I have a cataract in my right eye I also now have one in my left. So for anyone thinking it’s just old people who get them it isn’t. I have to say I was quite worried but Martha assures me they are nothing to worry about at the moment and she will keep an eye on them (pardon the pun!)

I’ve needed glasses for driving for a while now but the sight in my left eye has got worse so I need stronger glasses. I also now need glasses for reading, I’d figured I would as I’m having trouble reading small print in low light.

Martha also suggests I might have high cholesterol – isn’t it amazing what she can see just by looking in my eyes? I’m hoping the healthy eating might sort that out – fingers crossed.

I’d highly recommend Sweeney’s Opticians if you need an eye test in Sligo. It’s brilliant to get such a great service and to actually be listened to. I was so impressed I’ve booked Jono in for a test next week.


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  1. Great to know this. Badly needing a visit to an optician. I will visit Sweeneys though I have probably missed the free check up now 😦 Thanks for posting!

  2. I’ve had cataracts in both eyes also. I had the first cataract removed (15 min procedure) No problems at all. The other eye was done two weeks later, again, not a problem. I’ve had very good results. You’ll be happy with the results when you decide to have them removed.

  3. Val, several years ago I had cataract removal in both eyes.Like you, I was noticing I was not seeing as I thought I should and extra strength prescription lenses weren’t helping much. Following the procedure (easy peasy), I was amazed at the difference. The colours…….wow!!..no more brown haze covering everything! Fine details now jumped out at me……no haloing around headlights when I drove at night. I have 20/20 vision, but do need glasses for reading. Big deal! Hope you will be as blessed as I was. BTW love reading your blogs

    1. Thanks Carole, that’s great to hear.
      It’s kind of like looking though a haze at the moment and the headlights are awful. I’m hoping the glasses will help.

  4. You don’t need to wait for the ‘Free offer. Most people who are PAYE workers are entitled to an eye exam every two years and same is true if you have a medical card. If medically necessary you can get one more often. These entitlements apply wherever you choose to have to have your eye exam. Glad you had it done Val, It’d be hard to manage without your vision.

  5. I’ve got cataracts too Val, the good thing is that I was told by the Eye Clinic that they are slow growing so you should be ok for a while yet, but as Patricia mentioned, they are easily removed.

      1. They said cataracts are slow growing generally, not just mine, that’s what I meant lol Then when I went for an eye test at Specsavers & they confirmed it.

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