World Kidney Day


Today is World Kidney Day. The photo is a forget-me-not which is the Irish Kidney Association logo and seems quite fitting as my dad is no longer with us.

The point of this post is to urge you all to carry a donor card. My dad got kidney failure in 2002 and spent 7 years on dialysis until he died. The dialysis was tough on him, both mentally and physically. Three times a week he was taken to the local hospital for his dialysis, he used to return home exhausted. Dad was too old and too ill to be considered for a kidney transplant. There are so many people who would really benefit from a transplant though. You could make a huge difference to someones life after your death.

It couldn’t be easier to carry an Organ Donor Card. You can now even download an E-Card (I didn’t know about this until now – so I’m off to download one). You can also ask for an actual card to be sent to you or you’ll find the cards in most chemists.

Thanks for reading.


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  1. Organ donation is a cause very close to my heart. Two years ago my best friends son got a bone marrow transplant. Another friend lost her young son, aged six, the same year and they donated his organs.Seven young children benefited.
    So sorry about your Dad, seven years was a long time on dialysis.

  2. Cheers for highlighting kidney disease & encouraging organ donation! My brother here in the States became ill while he was a child and died at 45 from its effects. He was on dialysis for 23 years, had 1 transplant which lasted for only 1 year, then was too hard to match for any other transplantation. He fought a good fight – went fishing, hunting, even played men’s baseball as long as he could. Please sign a Donor Card. Here in the states we can indicate on our Drivers License to donate organs, which really is an excellent place to have it. Also give monetary donations or volunteer your assistance to any non profit organizations that help kidney patients.

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