World Kidney Day

Today is World Kidney Day. The photo is a forget-me-not which is the Irish Kidney Association logo and seems quite fitting as my dad is no longer with us. The point of this post is to urge you all to carry a donor card. My dad got kidney failure in 2002 and spent 7 years... Continue Reading →

By the seaside

By the seaside, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. I went in to see dad today. He's much the same, still very weak, although he was on dialysis when we went in so it's not the best time to see him. I got home and noticed my emails had gone 'mad' it turned out my straws photo... Continue Reading →

Dublin, Hospitals and Guinness

250 of Guinness, originally uploaded by magnum_lady. Yesterday morning we were up at 5am to get the 6am train to Dublin. It was really foggy and icy so took almost double the time to drive to Ballymote railway station as visibilty was so bad. I had to stop Bertie on the way as he kept... Continue Reading →

There’s a frog in mi kitchen…

There's a frog in mi kitchen..., originally uploaded by magnum_lady. What am I gonna do as sung by UB40 I was in the kitchen last night when this fella appeared from under the washing machine! I was thinking of making my own advert: 'washing machines last longer with frogs legs' similar to the calgon advert. It's been... Continue Reading →

Easter has arrived….

well it has in our house...Supervalu have a special offer on where if you buy one Easter egg on its own its 3.79...but if you buy three together you get all three for I don't get it either, but for the sake of research purposes and to check the quality of the eggs I... Continue Reading →

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