Women of the Rising: Journeys and Learnings

No Repro Fee7-3-2016Picture shows Olwen Jennings as 1916 revolutionary ‘Kathleen Lynn’, on the eve of International Women’s Day, Bus Éireann and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) today (March 7th 2016) launched a collaborative, nationwide campaign to commemorate leading female figures in the 1916 Rising. ‘Women of the Rising: Journeys and Learnings’ will feature on 650 buses nationwide, including a 75 seater double decker bus (pictured). Bus Éireann also announced a drive to recruit more female apprentices and enhanced bus services to Dublin for the 1916 Easter celebrations. Pic:Naoise Culhane-no fee

As it’s International Women’s Day it seems fitting to give a mention to Bus Éireann’s 1916 commemorative campaign. Sligo’s Countess Markievicz will feature in the North West.

Bus Éireann and the Royal Irish Academy (RIA) have launched a collaborative campaign to commemorate leading female participants in the 1916 Rising.

The campaign features a specially wrapped double decker commuter bus, and posters illustrating the stories of six women who featured prominently in the Easter Rising, on 650 buses nationwide. Bus Éireann travel centres across the country – as well as bus bays, some bus shelters, and Busaras in Dublin – will also feature billboards and a short digital video for the campaign.

The figures will be profiled on board buses in the regions they are most associated with, as follows:


  • Countess Markievicz: Northwest
  • Margaret Skinnider: Northeast
  • Helena Molony and Elizabeth O’Farrell: East
  • Kathleen Lynn: West of Ireland
  • Mary Perolz: South and Southwest


Born in 1868, Constance was the first of the five children of Henry Gore Booth, fifth Baronet of Sligo, and his wife Georgina. During the Easter Rising in 1916 she was second-in-command in St. Stephens Green. Posters with this information and a link to information on the five other women featured in the campaign – at www.buseireann.ie/womenoftherising – can be seen across Bus Éireann’s bus fleet in Dublin.

A 75 seater bus, featuring a wrap with all six women, will be also used on the busy 103 Dublin to Ashbourne route from Beresford Place in Dublin city centre. The illustrations depicted on the specially commissioned wrap – which has been kindly sponsored by its4women.ie online insurance – were produced by artist David Rooney.

This campaign coincides with a new drive by Bus Éireann to hire more female apprentices in roles traditionally dominated by young males. The company has just commenced a national advertising campaign seeking to fill 14 places in a four-year heavy mechanic apprenticeship programme, and it is seeking to attract female applications for the programme.

At the announcement of the campaign were Bus Éireann Acting Inspector Michelle McClelland, Dr Jennifer Redmond, Lecturer in 20th Century Irish History, and model Olwen Jennings representing Kathleen Lynn.

RIA Managing Editor Ruth Hegarty said the collaboration was a great way for the public to learn more about the important role women played in the Easter Rising: “These women worked as snipers, cooks, couriers, secretaries, nurses and doctors during Easter Week. They all survived the Rising, and continued as teachers, doctors, actors and trade union activists. Their different life stories give a broader picture of the people who were involved in the Rising. The Academy has written 10,000 biographies of the people of Ireland in the Dictionary of Irish Biography, and I am thrilled to see these six lives highlighted on Bus Eireann’s national network.”


Gary McClarty, its4women.ie Managing Director, said the sponsorship was a perfect fit for its4women.ie for several reasons: “its4women’s ethos is steeped in supporting women across Ireland and elevating their achievements. Through our #TimeToOwnIt campaign we work to celebrate the accomplishments of all women and we are delighted to be able to partner with Bus Éireann as they recognise influential women from Irish history.”

Bus Éireann Media & PR Manager Nicola Cooke said that the use of a fleet of 650 buses for the Women of the Rising campaign posters, allowed it to achieve a major outreach:

“While the canvas of a 75 seater double deck commuter bus has a huge visual impact, the individual stories of these women will also be told on board our regional and rural services across Ireland, and via our website link. As a company we felt it was important to be involved in an initiative that shone on a light on individuals – who were lesser known – but whose major contributions and sacrifices, helped shape our nation 100 years ago.”

To see a video about the campaign click here http://www.buseireann.ie/inner.php?id=448

 Easter Timetable

Bus Éireann also announced an enhanced schedule of services for Easter 2016, which includes enhanced services to Dublin to facilitate visitors to the major 1916 centenary celebrations.


For more on the campaign see www.buseireann.ie/womenoftherising

For information on Easter services see www.buseireann.ie/1916



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  1. Great post! I’m new to life in Ireland and recently found your blog. I’m really enjoying it! I was at a talk over the weekend in Achill about the women of 1916 and the Countess was of course discussed. The woman is definitely controversial!

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