Singing with Sinead


Today saw me complete the first thing on my bucket list. One of the things I really wanted to do was have a singing lesson. I know I took part in the Sligo Sings choir but as I was part of a choir I really had no idea if I have a note in my head!!

Two friends Heidi and Brendan were very positive in helping me complete at least a couple of the things on my list and I was thrilled when none other than Sinead Conway contacted me and offered me a singing lesson.

Sinead is one of the most talented singers in Sligo. She was in the X Factor final in a group with her sisters (The Conway Sisters). She also sang at Westlife star Shane Filan’s wedding.

Anyway today was the big day and I was both nervous and excited going along for my lesson. Now I was going to video some of it, but I really don’t think you deserve to be subjected to my mostly out of tune singing. Sinead is a brilliant teacher and she gave me lots of exercises to help me. She was also very reassuring and patient. Not easy when I started laughing midway through the song and when I ran out of breath frequently!

It’s amazing how much I hid behind the choir, it’s also amazing how different it feels singing on your own. Sinead makes it look all so effortless, as she said herself though  you wouldn’t expect to run a marathon without training and singing is no different. So I will carry on with my exercises and the techniques Sinead taught me and maybe one day I’ll be able to sing the whole song through.

In case you are wondering I tried to sing ‘I don’t know how to love him’ from Jesus Christ Superstar. Thanks so much to Sinead, I really enjoyed the lesson and to anyone thinking of having singing lessons get in touch with her. Also if you have an event coming up and need a singer just give her a call.



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