I have a unicorn

I'm sitting in the tattoo parlour waiting room. ACDC is playing, that's a good thing....but it's hells bells so I'm hoping that's not an omen! We got a call to say they had a cancellation so instead of waiting until tomorrow we've bitten the bullet and gone for today. Lucy is in first and I... Continue Reading →

The Bucket List Revisited

  Back in January of this year I wrote a bucket list. Not for any particular reason - just a few things I wanted to try. I thought I'd write an update of how things went (or didn't!) I’d love a style makeover. Someone to tell me what colour and styles would suit my colouring... Continue Reading →

Singing with Sinead

Today saw me complete the first thing on my bucket list. One of the things I really wanted to do was have a singing lesson. I know I took part in the Sligo Sings choir but as I was part of a choir I really had no idea if I have a note in my... Continue Reading →

My bucket list

I woke up at some ungodly hour during the week and ideas of a bucket list popped into my head. Most of these I've wanted to do for a while and hopefully I'll get to do at least some of them. Oh and if you are like my friend Heidi and think I'm about to... Continue Reading →

Exciting Enniscrone

Sometimes everything not only goes to plan but turns out to be much more than I expected it to be. This happened to me in Enniscrone. I had a long overdue visit planned as part of the #wawayfarer project. Mairead from Discover Enniscrone was just fantastic putting me in touch with people who wanted to... Continue Reading →

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