Sligo Sings


Today I joined a choir. Singing in public has been on the bucket list for a while now. In my dreams I can see myself up on stage with the Fun Company! There’s a slight problem though – I can’t sing!

Anyway a while ago I saw the Hawk’s Well Theatre were setting up choirs in workplaces to get Sligo singing. Sligo Volunteer Centre are one of the organisations taking part and were looking for members of their choir, so I bit the bullet and put my name down (and my friend Heidi was dragged along too!)  Our first rehearsal was today and I was delighted to see that we have the very talented Niamh Crowley putting us through our paces.

It was a really enjoyable hour, even though I sound like a cat being strangled! The last time I was in a choir was at primary school and I got thrown out of that for miming! Our choir could do with some more men though, so if you can spare an hour on a Monday lunchtime and are free on November 29th give the Sligo Volunteer Centre a shout.

If you want to see the finished result Sligo Sings is on in the Hawk’s Well Theatre at the end of November, you can book tickets here, it might be advisable to bring ear-plugs for my bit!

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