Sligo still sings


A couple of weeks ago I posted about Sligo Sings, an idea by the Hawk’s Well Theatre to get Sligo singing. I’ve joined the Sligo Volunteer Centre choir…and I’ve already mentioned that I can’t sing but I do try. I’ve since found out I also can’t breathe and ‘sing’ at the same time!!  So I’m really pleased to hear that there is a choir from Sligo Regional Hospital taking part….because I’m going to need them when I pass out!

Of course I did complain quite loudly about the fact I can’t hit any of the high notes, to which Heidi announced ‘Suck it up Sopranos’ – cheers Heidi!

I’m pretty sure that the neighbourhood dogs were probably driven mad by my high-pitched squealing. Ah well you can’t say I’m not trying. You can book tickets for the big night in November here.


4 thoughts on “Sligo still sings

  1. june says:

    Don’t be so hard on yourself, Val. Because you love singing, that love will come through whether you believe you can sing or whether you believe/feel you’re not a good singer. You will do brilliantly – trust in yourself and your passion for music and for singing and for being part of this great event. You go, girl…and you sing! 🙂

  2. mary mc loughlin says:

    Your choir was excellent from what I heard whilst we from Sligo General Hospital were waiting for our slot. I really enjoyed the experience too and I hope to be there again next year. Mary

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