Beers and Botanical Gardens


A couple of weeks ago Jono and I headed up to Dublin for the day. There were a few reasons that I wanted to go up, the first was to see the Sculpture in Context exhibition at the National Botanical Gardens, the second was to see an exhibition by a photographer I follow on Twitter, the third was Oktoberfest. Here’s how we got on:

Bridge reflections

I absolutely love the Botanic Gardens. There is so much to see there and it’s a very relaxing place to spend some time. It’s also only about a ten minute bus ride from O’Connell Street and best of all it’s free! It was the first time for Jono to visit there and he loved the place too. One of the main reasons I went up was to see Michael Budd’s amazing sculpture, sadly though the Teak House were it was on display was closed when we went there so we just looked at it through the window.

Michael Budd's sculpture

I wish I’d had more time to explore the gardens but we were rushing to the other things we wanted to see, if I’d have known how the day was going to pan out I would have stayed longer. We did enjoy our time being followed around by a friendly squirrel though!


We waited for a bus back to the city centre. Jono is great at organising journeys so I knew I was in good hands. The place we had to go for the exhibition was fairly off the beaten track and after our bus trip and a fair amount of walking we found the place…it was closed! I since found out if we’d have rang the bell we would have got in. I couldn’t find the bell, so off we went again.


Our final stop was Oktoberfest, even though it was September. Now we’d be to this before and really enjoyed it but this time it was very quiet, probably because it was early enough in the day. There also weren’t as many stalls as there were previously so in hindsight I wish we’d have stayed for longer at the gardens.

Sculpture in Context runs until October 16th and is well worth a visit. The rest of my photos are here.


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